Commercial Filter Service, Inc. is a full scale air filtration service and sales company. In addition to our extensive line of premium quality pre-manufactured filters and filtration media, we also offer a variety of HVAC preventative maintenance complimenting services. Breathe easy and stay in control of your budget! We can turn your air flow in to cash flow by providing services that will help insure your HVAC equipment is working properly. Our services will reduce your maintenance and energy costs, protect your HVAC equipment, and improve your air quality.

Optimum On-Time Scheduled Filter Change-Out

One of our premium services is our optimum on-time scheduled filter change-out service. This service is a compliment to the HVAC preventative maintenance that is needed to maintain your valuable equipment. Using a specially designed computer software program, we keep track of all of 3500+ service customers in our region. This service provides our customers with a guarantee that their air filters will be changed properly and on-time on a regular schedule.

Changing filters on a regular schedule is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to keep utility costs low. This is because dirty filters restrict the air flowing through your furnace, which causes your furnace to work much harder to heat or cool the desired space. This in turn, causes your furnace to use more electricity, which costs you more money. Simply changing your air filters on a regular schedule insures that they are getting their maximum use, before becoming to restrictive.

We provide our scheduled filter change-out service commercially to office buildings, strip malls, and other retail locations; as well as a wide range of industrial manufacturing and fabrication facilities.

How does this service work?

We begin by conducting a filtration survey of each prospective facility, in which we record the sizes and types of filters currently being used, as well as measuring for our custom oversized frame & pad method.

Once the filtration survey has been completed, we can then begin manufacturing the frames and preparing the recommended filters. We then assign the facility a change out frequency in our specially designed software program. The type of facility, type of filters and amount of traffic all helps determine how frequently the filters should be changed. Some industrial facilities require filter changes every week, and sometimes every day, where most retail locations vary between monthly changes to quarterly changes.

Once each account has been assigned a frequency, and the filters have been prepared, our computer system schedules the date and time of service on a repeating schedule for as long as the customer uses our service. The burden of changing air filters is now our responsibility, and the customer no longer has to worry about “getting around to it,” which usually never happens. We will arrive on that scheduled date each frequency interval and insure that your filers are changed properly and on-time.

Customized Ordering and Shipments

For those who do not fall within our service coverage area, we can still assist you with you filtration needs. Commercial Filter Service, Inc. carries a full line of filters for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. We ship nationally to our clients from coast to coast. One of the services we offer, particularly to mechanical companies, contractors, and other HVAC related businesses is a customized ordering plan.

We will obtain a filter list from your company and a time table of which filters are needed at which of your various customer locations. The customer is coded by number, so as to keep the identity of your clients protected. We will then bag and box the necessary filter by individual unit, location, or by customer number, and ship them to the desired location just-in-time for the your company to make use of them, without having to inventory them and transport them yourself. We have many large clients that use our customized shipping service.

What do our customers think of this service?

“We highly value the customized service that we get from Commercial Filter Service. They tailor their business to directly meet our needs. We have a large client with dozens of store locations that we are responsible for changing the air filters. By using the Customized Delivery service, we are able to get the filters needed for each location shipped directly to each location, instead of having to receive a large shipment to our facility that we have to sort through. Commercial Filter Service will inventory the stock until we need it. Then, when we place our order, they box the filters by each store location and then ship them directly to the store. When our maintenance technicians arrive at each location, all of the filters they will need are waiting for them.

This saves us a lot of time and money because we no longer have to spend the time sorting out filter sizes for each store, and we also no longer have to use excess vehicle space to transport the filter to our locations. The service is great, and I would recommend it to any other mechanical or HVAC company that has a large multi-location customer.”

Kim Richter – Contracts Manager / Weathervane Service, Inc.

Inventory Holding

Don’t have the space to hold your filter inventory? Let us do it for you! Purchase any quantity of filters from us, and we will hold the inventory for you. We will ship you what you want, when you need it. This works particularly well for odd size filters that you may only use once or twice per year. Purchase a case from us, and we will send you one, two, five, or any quantity that you need, when ever you need them!

Vent Cleaning

This is a service that many of our customers request. For a nominal fee, we can vacuum our customer’s return vents, removing any dust and debris that they may have collected. As dust has a tendency to build up on these vents, our vent cleaning service can save your maintenance or office staff time and money, as well as the eye sore of looking at dirty vents. We currently perform this service for some of our largest chain store clients.

Duct Cleaning

Many buildings do not use sufficient air filters, which over time, allows dust and debris to settle in the ventilation system passageways. The ventilation systems in these buildings can and do often contain dust, dirt, and allergens that have accumulated over time, and are carried through the building every time the fan blows. Solely changing the air filter, or installing a more efficient air filter can not solve this problem.

In these cases, cleaning the ventilation ducts is required to remove the dust, dirt, and allergens that have settled over the years. While Commercial Filter Service, Inc. does not offer this service directly, we have built a relationship with one of the largest and most reputable air duct cleaning service providers in the area. Call Stanley Steemer at 1-800-Steemer, or locally at 260-482-3543 for a comprehensive job estimate.

Grease Filter Change-Out

Are you a restaurant, grocery store, bar, or other food preparation center? Commercial Filter Service, Inc. can clean your grease filters in your kitchen hoods as well as changing your HVAC air filters. We have provided this service to several grocery chains and fast food restaurants to their satisfaction for more than 15 years. We will swap your dirty grease filters out with grease filters that have been cleaned and sanitized. We then take the dirty ones back to our facility, clean them and then store them until the next change comes up. Then the process is repeated. All you are required to do is to purchase an extra set of grease filters as the “swap set,” and pay the nominal cleaning fee. That’s it! This service will provide less down time in your kitchens, as well as saving time for your staff!

This service is only offered in a limited area.

Emergency Filter Change

Throughout the past 21 years, Commercial Filter Service, Inc. has proven to have the ability to respond within a reasonable amount of time to emergency service requests. Whether its due to a fire in a store, heavy construction in the area, or just plain plugged filters, we will arrive on site to change these filters. Most commonly, this is when a new store opens and needs a filter change right away due to the construction dust and debris.

Once again, this service is only offered in our service coverage area.

Problem Reporting


Commercial Filter Service, Inc. can offer you monthly reports on the condition of your units, if you are a service account. While we are not trained in expert problem detection, our technicians can visibly see when a unit is not running, when the coils are frozen, or when a belt is broken.