Poly Ring Panels

AmerSeal self-sealing, ring and link panel filters are available in Gold (4-ply), Blue (3-ply), and Green (2-ply) designs. AmerSeal filters offer unitized construction. Layers of AmerSeal filter media are sealed around the entire perimeter of the filter, and at various points on the face, to bond the wire frame inside the layers of media. The entire assembly is designed for dependable, trouble-free operation.

  • Three models: Gold (4-ply), Blue (3-ply), and Green (2-ply)

  • All models available with antimicrobial

  • Self-sealing, internal wire frame design provides fast and easy installation requiring no clips or latches

  • Leak free, no dirty air bypass

  • Moisture resistant, polyester media

  • MERV 8

Link Panels

Link panels are used primarily in side access systems where the entire link can be easily inserted into, and removed from, the channel as a single unit. This means there is no extended reaching, or struggling with special removal devices. Fast and simple filter changing saves maintenance cost and time. Also, the continuous link design eliminates bypass between filters, which can allow unfiltered air to enter the system.

Saves on Shipping and Storage

The AmerSeal filter design reduces the cost of shipping and storage, when compared to conventional filters with cardboard frames. As a result, using AmerSeal filters can mean fewer trips to air handlers for maintenance personnel and smaller boxes to handle.

IAQ Enhanced Performance

All AmerSeal filters are available with antimicrobial. The antimicrobial is effective in restricting the spread of microbes known to affect Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). Used on AmerSeal filter media, the antimicrobial helps preserve the integrity of the filter throughout its useful life by limiting the proliferation of microbes it contacts.

Consistency of Performance

AAF’s refined manufacturing processes ensure consistency of performance for every AmerSeal filter. This consistency means that you will have filtration you can count on, each time you insert an AmerSeal filter into your HVAC system. AAF is dedicated to continually improving IAQ. For more than 90 years, our slogan has been “Better Air is Our Business.” That experience and knowledge are incorporated into every AmerSeal filter you purchase.


Filter Depth1″, 2″
Special Size AvailableYes
Max Operating Temperature175˚F (79˚C)
EfficiencyMERV 8


  • Commercial Buildings

  • Schools and Universities

  • Surface Finishing