How it works

This completely customized system takes the place of costly, pre-manufactured filters. Custom galvanized steel holding frames and polyester filter media pads replace your existing standard size filtration, and can be tailored specifically to each HVAC unit at a facility.

Measure existing filtration

First we measure the existing pre-manufactured filters in each unit. In large commercial HVAC units, there is a filter section that holds multiple tracks of filters, with often multiple filters in each track. We send our certified filter technicians out to take a custom measurement of the entire length and width of each filter track in each unit.

Manufacture custom frames

Next, we use the oversized measurements to manufacture custom galvanized steel holding frames that will span the entire length of each filter track and replace the existing filters in each unit. Each frame features a galvanized steel welded wire grid to offer superior support for high airflow volume.

Select custom filter

Then we select the best type of polyester filtration media for each customer application, cut the custom size pads required, and insert it into the oversized holding frame. We offer a variety of lofted polyester filtration media in multiple MERV ratings that can be custom tailored to each facility or specific area of a facility. See our selection of polyester media.

Install custom frames

We then install the custom frames into the HVAC units, and remove the existing filters. When future filter changes are required, we then only have to replace one single filter per track, rather than the multiple standard size filters that previously existed. This offers multiple benefits to our customers.

Eliminate debris bypass

Air always takes the path of least resistance. Gaps or cracks between filters can allow particles to pass through. Our custom oversized filtration system eliminates the bypass between standard size filters. This helps prevent dust and debris from ending up on coils and allows the HVAC unit to continue running efficiently over its life.

Reduce waste

Our custom oversized filtration system drastically reduces raw materials waste by eliminating the cardboard, virgin fibers, glue, and other materials used in constructing pre-manufactured filters. This reduces the burden on our landfills after a filter change. It also allows for a faster and more efficient filter replacement because it condenses the multiple cases of filters required for a large facility down to a much smaller bag of oversize filter pads. This saves time and money.

Increase particle capture

Our custom oversized system also increases the filtration surface area by maximizing the area and depth of the filtration surface which helps capture and hold more dirt and dust. Our polyester filtration media typically has a lower initial resistance and causes a lower differential pressure as the filter is loaded with particles, which reduces strain on the HVAC unit and energy usage.

Save Money. Breathe easier.

Using our Custom Oversized Frame & Pad system reduces labor, filter, maintenance, and energy costs. By reducing unnecessary filter inventory and landfill waste, we help control budgets, improve your HVAC maintenance, and increase your bottom line. Contact us today to find out how we can save you up to 35% on HVAC operating costs.