Replacing the air filter in your furnace is the easiest way to maintain the equipment and insure that it’s running as efficiently as possible.

However, what type of replacement air filter should be used?  Do you have to use the same type of filter that the furnace came with? Is there a better filter that can be used?  These are all common questions…all of which Commercial Filter Service, Inc. has an answer for!

There are a wide variety of replacement air filters available.  They come in many sizes and efficiencies.   To begin, it is important that the size of filter that is required by your furnace stays the same.  For example, if your furnace requires a 20 x 20 x 2 filter, a 20 x 20 x 1 should not be used.  However, as long as the size remains consistent, the quality of the filter can be altered.  Unless there are specific warranty requirements, you are not required to use the same type of filter that was first installed in your furnace.

Many home and business furnaces are first installed with a fiberglass or polyester disposable filter. While these filters are necessary for some applications, these are the most inexpensive and inefficient filters available.  A pleated filter or thicker filtration media with at least a MERV 7 rating is typically the best fit for a home or office furnace.  However, for improved efficiency up to a MERV 11 rated filter may be used in a home or office furnace.  This is the maximum efficiency rating that should be used, because more efficient filters require more air flow.

Some homes and offices are equipped with a high efficiency filtration system that requires a thicker filter, such as a 20 x 25 x 5 box type filter.  These are excellent filters, to which many replacements are offered.  In fact, most every filter company manufactures a replacement air filter for this type of high efficiency system.  Some common brands are the Purolator 2000, Air Bear, Space guard, Air Demon, Honeywell, and many more…

No matter what type if replacement air filter you use, make sure you change it on a regular basis to insure that your furnace is running as efficiently as possible. Check out our complete line of replacement air filters by clicking here!