Replacing air conditioning filters on a timely and consistent basis can save energy costs, and extend the life of your air conditioning system.

Air conditioning systems continue to be developed at higher efficiency levels which means it saves the home owner or business owner money when it comes to their monthly energy bills. However to maintain the posted efficiency level of your air conditioning machine it is important to constantly change your air conditioning filters to ensure that the unit can work as efficiently as it was intended.

Dirt that is in the air is one of the hardest things on keeping your air conditioning unit running at an optimal level. When trying to determine how often you should change your replacement filters for your air conditioning unit all of these elements should be considered:

  • Type of replacement air conditioning filter (pleated, polyester panel etc)
  • Efficiency level of filter
  • Amount of air borne particles in the air (dust, pollen, dander, smoke, etc)
  • Age of facility
  • Age of air conditioning unit

The general rule of thumb has been that if you change your filter 4x a year, or every quarter, you are being progressive to ensure that your air conditioning unit continues to operate at its optimal level. If you have any questions about what filter is best for your home or office, please feel free to call our experienced and professional staff at 260.490.7979 or by using our contact form.

We provide a wide variety of replacement air conditioning filters which you can browse online now and have shipped directly to your home or business at a fraction of the cost you would see at your local hardware or retail store.